Pre-printed Heart (white linen)

Another way of stitching!
Band of 32 count linen, 19cm wide
Already decorated with one pre-printed heart
Price: £5.00
Sales price without tax: £5.00
Manufacturer: La Bande de Copine

Pre-printed heart on white linen. Made in France

Another way of stitching! Thanks to pre-printed linen, stitchers enjoy an already decorated fabric for an even more original effect.

Dimensions and colours:

  • 32 count Linen band: 19cm wide (7,5 in), colour White
  • Pre-printed Heart: 16cm wide x 14cm high (6,3 x 5,5 in), colour Natural linen

What you can use it for:

  • a pattern you will use as a guide to stitch (see additional picture 1)
  • a decorative frame for a stitched pattern (see additional picture 2)
  • this specific pattern is very appropriate to make a wedding cushion but you can obviously use it with the stitched or cross-stitched pattern of your choice
  • after the stitching, you may frame it or sew it on a larger work (for instance a tote bag as in picture 1)

About pre-printed linen bands:

  • they are made of stiff French linen and pre-printed in France
  • they can be hand-wash in cold or lukewarm water taking care of not rubbing or wringing
  • sometimes silicone marks may appear around the pattern: this is normal and is due to the pre-printing process. They can be removed by ironing with a baking paper between the iron and the pattern.

This product is a piece of stiff white linen showing one pre-printed heart. It comes with care instructions in English and costs £5,00

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