Who are we?

Shopping with us: Who are we?

SoCreaStitch is a French family business based in Vendée, France. We sell needlecraft products initially to British customers and eventually to English speaking customers from all around the world.

Our aim is to make you discover a bit of the French stitching touch, meaning to give you access to many different French designers who may not be known or available where you live. As a cross-stitcher myself, I know how enjoyable it is to discover new foreign styles, how it enhances one’s own creativity and inspiration. But I also know that it is not always quick and easy to find the perfect product at good value for money (there are so many websites on the net), neither to be sure that someone will be there to help and advise when needed. And it can turn out to be expensive too when one orders on various overseas websites with packaging and posting costs that add up.

That is how I first got the idea: why not create a website especially designed for British stitchers in order to present them with a large variety of French styles in needlecraft along with all those little embellishmentsthat transform a stitch project into something totally unique and customized. As needlecraft is so large a field, I decided to begin with my own favourite stitching, therefore for the time being you will find mainly cross-stitch designers on this website, but new techniques (appliqué, embroidery...) are already there and growing. For those who don’t fancy cross-stitch at the moment, there are also really stunning embellishments to pick and include into your current project.

SoCreaStitch, the French stitching touch aims to become far more than just another online supplier of cross-stitch patterns and kits. We’d like to be a website:

  • where you enjoy browsing through the pages and letting the elegance of a design catch your eye, or the poetry of a pattern trigger your imagination;
  • where you find, all in one place, carefully selected quality products that have so far been unavailable anywhere near your place;
  • which provides stitchers of all levels with new sources of inspiration and fresh ideas;
  • which is an open window on an entire world of renewed creativity and permanent enjoyment.

We are aware that this ambitious goal may take some time to achieve but we trust that, with your help and kind feed-back, we can succeed!

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