Macaroons Band (white linen)

Band of 32 count white linen
Available in 16 or 19cm wide
Already decorated with pre-printed patterns
Price: £5.50
Sales price without tax: £5.50
Manufacturer: La Bande de Copine

White linen band with pre-printed macaroons.
Made in France

Another way of stitching! Thanks to pre-printed linen, stitchers enjoy an already decorated fabric for an even more original effect.

Dimensions and colours:

  • 32 count linen band, colour White
  • Available in 16cm or 19 cm wide to fit your project
  • Each cut of 35cm will show approximately 20 macaroons

What you can use it for:

  • to stitch an horizontal pattern as you will do with any other linen band, except that you have already extra decorations with the pre-printed patterns,
  • to stitch a text related to the pattern (saying, motto...) to make, for instance, a wall banner
  • to stitch a small pattern or a name on only a small cut of band and then mount it as a tag on another project (bag...) or as a small board (on a door, a box's lid...)
Don't forget to have a look at our selection of hangers here. You will find many of them adapted for the pre-printed linen bands.

About pre-printed linen bands:

  • they are made of stiff French linen and pre-printed in France
  • they can be hand-wash in cold or lukewarm water taking care of not rubbing or wringing
  • sometimes silicone marks may appear around the pattern: this is normal and is due to the pre-printing process. They can be removed by ironing with a baking paper between the iron and the pattern.

As you may need only a small quantiy of band, we propose this item by unit of 35cm (approx. 14 in). Just choose in the quantity box below the width (16 or 19cm) and then the quantity (ex: 2 if you'd like 70 cm and 3 for 1 metre).

Linen band made in France.
Price: £16,50 or £21,00 per metre depending on the width. Sold per unit of 35cm (£5,50 or £7,00)

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