Grey Sitting Cats Hanger

Painted wood, made in France by L'Atelier des Elfes
Reversible: the backside is "dark chocolate".
Price: £6.50
Sales price without tax: £6.50
Manufacturer: Atelier des Elfes

This hanger  is made of wood and has been painted in a grey / taupe shade. Both sides are painted but only the front one is grey / taupe: the back side shows a "dark chocolate" shade. So you can use it on both side depending on your project.

Hangers are an easy and stylish way to make the most of your stitched work.

Lighter than frames, they are particularly appropriate to display vertical patterns or works on linen/ aida bands. But you can use them also with square patterns.

Dimensions: 16,5 cm wide (for a fabric or band up to 6,5 in wide)

This product costs £6.50

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