Multicoloured Rickrack Braid

Linen and cotton, 11 mm
Possible to order only 50cm
New blue shade
Price: £2.50
Sales price without tax: £2.50
Manufacturer: SoCreaStitch

Dimensions: approximately 11mm high

Material and colour:

  • n°1: 100% cotton
  • n°2: 70% linen and 30% cotton
  • n°3: 70% linen and 30% cotton
This lovely rickrack braid exists in 3 colours:
  • cream with a delicate red and natural linen central pattern (n°1)
  • natural linen with the same delicate central pattern but in red and cream  (n°2)
  • natural linen with the central pattern in blue and cream  (n°3)

What we like about this specific braid:

  • the soft neutral colour scheme: perfect for a wedding project (to adorn for instance a bride's pouch) it can also be used on many items for home decoration
  • the rickrack effect
  • delicate style but strong braid: its very nice quality will allow many uses

As all our ribbons and braids, this one will be great for:

  • making a string to a little cushion or pouch
  • adding an extra adornment when sewed on a stitch project

You just have to pick the colour of your choice in the choice box below and then to adjust the quantity to your need. Please note that we propose this item by unit of 50cm (i.e. if you want 1 metre, choose 2 in the quantity box).
If you want them both, choose one first, then add it to your cart, click on the "continue shopping" button and repeat the operation with the other one.

Braids made in France. Price: £2,50 per metre, sold per unit of 50cm (£1,25)

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