Mauve Sepia 32 count Linen

Pure Linen
Made in France
Price: £5.50
Sales price without tax: £5.50
Manufacturer: Thieffry

This product is a piece of 32 count Linen, made in France, colour "Mauve - Sepia".

Two names for this shade of linen as the manufacturer (as well as some French designers) calls it "Sepia" (even "Taupe") but in our opinion it is more a kind of subdued mauve.
It is a lovely shade that will set off many kinds of patterns (classical and modern ones).

This product is a stiff linen but it will soften after washing.

It is available in two sizes:

  • 50x40 cm (aproximately 20x16 in)
  • 70x50 cm (approximately 28x20 in)

In our collections, it is especially recommended for the following designs:

  • Petits Secrets (Madame la Fée): 50x70 cm
  • Il Pleut Bergère (C'est Mon Monde): 40x50 cm
  • Sachet au Bouquet de Violettes (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 40x50 cm
  • Botte de Noël "Ange Lapin" (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 50x70 cm
  • Coussin Lapin de Pâques (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 40x50 cm

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