Ecru (off-white) 32 count Linen

Pure Linen
Made in France
The very same linen used notably by Le Lin d'Isabelle
Price: £5.50
Sales price without tax: £5.50
Manufacturer: Thieffry

This product is a piece of 32 count Linen, made in France, colour "Ecru" (Antique White. It is the very same linen used by the designer Le Lin d'Isabelle.

You can use this fabric for a very large range of works that require white, off-white or "Antique White" fabric or which mention an "ecru" fabric (like in many French designs).

To help you pick the right shade, the second picture displays the different off-white and Sand shades available on our website, with from left to right: Ecru (off-white), Light Sand (Platinum), Dark Sand (Summer Kaki) and Warm Sand.

This product is a stiff linen but it will soften after washing.

It is available in two sizes:

  • 50x40 cm (aproximately 20x16 in)
  • 70x50 cm (approximately 28x20 in)

In our collections, it is especially recommended for the following designs:

  • ABC Oiseaux (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 50x70 cm
  • ABC Petites Fleurs (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 50x70 cm
  • ABC Moutons (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 40x50 cm
  • ABC Petites Maisons (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 40x40 cm
  • Abécédaire Petit Ane (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 60x45 cm
  • Arbre Généalogique (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 60x50 cm
  • Coussin Je suis au Jardin (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 35x45cm
  • Lapin de Pâques (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 30x40 cm
  • La Souris qui Compte (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 50x60 cm
  • Lettre au Père Noël (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 35x40 cm
  • Little Flowers ring cushion (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 40x50cm
  • Nounours Ancien (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 40x45 cm
  • Petit Ane (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 40x45 cm
  • Petite Souris (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 40x45 cm
  • Tableau de Naissance Bébé (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 40x40cm

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