Natural 18 ct linen Aida

Aida in pure Linen
Made in France
7 cross-stitches / cm

The pleasure of Linen with the easiness of an Aida fabric
Price: £6.00
Sales price without tax: £6.00
Manufacturer: Thieffry

This product is a piece of 18 count Aida (7 cross-stitches / cm), made in pure linen,  in France, colour "Natural Linen". It is finer-weaved than the 14 count aida so your design will end up a bit smaller.

Using an Aida in linen fabric is a great way to get close to the elegant look and feel that only linen can provide but still with the easiness of an Aida fabric.

It is a stiff fabric but it will soften after washing.

It is available in two sizes:

  • 50x40 cm (aproximately 20x16 in)
  • 70x50 cm (approximately 28x20 in)

You can use this fabric for a very large range of works as it is of this so specific shade of "Natural Linen"  which is used a lot by the designers.

In our collections, it is especially recommended for the following designs (even if sometimes the original design was worked on 32 count linen):

  • ABC Oiseaux (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 50x70 cm
  • ABC Petites Fleurs (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 50x70 cm
  • ABC Moutons (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 40x50 cm
  • Amitiés Alsaciennes (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 40x50 cm
  • Coeur Fleuri (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 50x70 cm
  • Lettre au Père Noël (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 40x50 cm
  • Tableau de Naissance Petite Fée (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 50x40 cm
  • Tableau de Naissance Petit Lutin (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 50x40 cm
  • Tableau de Naissance Bébé (Le Lin d'Isabelle): 40x40 cm

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