Sewing Machine Hanger - Small

Hanger in painted wood by The Bee Company
Price: £4.60
Sales price without tax: £4.60
Manufacturer: Les Boutis de Lucie

Hanger in painted wood from The Bee Company.

This specific hanger exists in 2 sizes. This is the small one : 17 cm wide

Dimensions: 17cm x 5,5cm
Thickness: 3mm 

Colour: beige

Hangers are an easy and stylish way to make the most of your stitched work, would it be cross-stitch, small quilts or embroidery. You will attach your work to the hanger by using a string (ribbon or braid) or by making small straps in fabric.

Lighter than frames, they are particularly appropriate to display vertical patterns or works on linen/ aida bands. But you can use them also with square patterns. You may also hang some works slightly larger than the hanger.

Not to be put under water.

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