Embroidery Scissors

The classic finely wrought embroidery scissors

Rubber stamp
Designed by Chéri'M, made in Japan
Price: £10.50
Sales price without tax: £10.50
Manufacturer: Chéri' M

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Dimensions: 2,2 cm wide x 4,3 cm high
Material: rubber stamp on a wooden block

What we like in this product / what you could use it for:

  • I wish I had such beautiful embroidery scissors for real! I like the level of details: they seem so finely wrought
  • they are really small (not real size scissors) so you will be able to use them to embellish many "stitcher's life" related works (as part of a complete design or on their own)
  • ideal size to personalize your mail stationery or to make a nice tag

Common features to all stamps by Cheri' M:

  • can be used on fabric (cotton, silk, fine linen) and on paper (and even other media) if you use the correct ink (see below)
  • lovely and exclusive design with an exceptional level of details
  • high quality : made in Japan with the best know-how and materials

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This stamp costs £10.50

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