Biscornu (workshop & designs)

6 cross-stitch charts for Biscornu + 1 technical booklet with full instructions in English
Suitable for beginners in sewing
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Manufacturer: Au Chat Qui Dort

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"Le Biscornu" is a workshop by Au Chat qui Dort.
It is designed for you to enjoy a sewing workshop at home and to learn how to make a Biscornu, those funny quirky pincushions.
It comes as 6 cross-stitch charts in colours + a technical booklet in English with 60 pictures in colours.
It does not include fabric nor thread so that you can choose your own.

What we love about this workshop:

  • it includes 6 elegant cross-stitch charts by Au Chat Qui Dort especially designed to fit the Biscornu's quirky shape;
  • the technical booklet was designed to help you through the different steps to make your Biscornu. It is in fact a very detailed step-by-step photo guide which includes explanations and tips in English.
  • if you are a beginner in sewing you will learn many things you can use for other projects like: what kind of supplies you need, how to add a string or how to fill a shape with padding;
  • you are sure to be able to complete your project with no trouble thanks to the 60 pictures of the technical booklet;
  • last but ot least, once you've learnt the technique you are able to make as many Biscornu as you wish as there are so many designers who have created patterns for this specific shape.
The Biscornu is a nice gift for a fellow stitcher. It can be personalized with an initial.

Design stitch count:
Rose and Marie: 42 wide x 42 high
Magdelene and Licette: 35 wide x 35 wide
Viviane and Vivian: 40 wide x 40 high

Want to learn more about the Biscornu's story?
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This product is a sewing workshop which includes 6 cross-stitch charts + a technical booklet in English.

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