BC BC Little Thread Reels - Red

Decorative buttons in painted wood
Price: £2.70
Sales price without tax: £2.70
Manufacturer: Les Boutis de Lucie

Dimensions: around 1 or 1,5cm wide X 1,5 to 2cm high, thickness: 3mm

Colour: red

Material: Painted wood

Despite the name, The Bee Company brand is French!
All The Bee Company buttons and accessories are designed by Delphine from Les Boutis de Lucie. 

They are often present in the patchwork kits from Les Boutis de Lucie but you can use them to decorate the stitched works of your choice: embroidery, cross-stitch, quilt or patchwork.

These buttons come in a nice package with no price, ideal for a small gift.

Please keep in mind that, being painted wood, these items should not be put under water.

Made in France.

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