Pack of heart buttons - Blue Green

15 buttons, handmade in polymer clay by Butterfly Couture
Approximately 1,2cm x 1,3cm
Price: £3.50
Sales price without tax: £3.50
Manufacturer: Butterfly Couture

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Pack of 15 matching buttons

Dimensions: approximately 1,2cm x 1,3cm

Material: Polymer clay

So tiny, so pretty, these buttons, all different yet coordinated, will make a great embellishment to the project of your choice: stitched pattern, quilt work, even scrapbooking.

You can sew (or glue) them on the item of your choice (they are washable even if it is not advised to boil or iron them).

The front and the back of these button are different: the back is flat whereas the front side is slightly curved.

Handmade in France by the designer Butterfly Couture. Limited edition.

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