Cueillette d'Automne (Linen Pack)

Translated Title "Autumn's Picking", a design by Bois Joli

An easy-going project displaying the warm colours of autumn and still very quickly worked.
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Manufacturer: Bois Joli

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"Autumn's Picking" is a complete cross-stitch kit produced by SoCreaStitch. It includes the original chart by Bois Joli (very large and easy to follow) , fabric (32 count Linen colour "Natural"), the variegated thread "Squirrel in Pyjamas" recommended by the designer and 1 m of organza ribbon.
It includes instructions translated in English.

Design stitch count: 141 wide x 141 high

Design area:

  • 23,5 x 23,5 cm (9,3 x 9,3 in) on a 32 count Linen
  • 22,4 x 22,4 cm (8,8 x 8,8 in) on a 16 count Aïda
  • 25,6 x 25,6 cm (10 x 10 in) on a 28 count linen or a 14 count Aida
Special stitches: This is a cross-stitch design with a few back stitches.

Threads and colours

Amazingly, this pattern is worked with only 1 reference of thread which saves you time and facilitates your stitching. The designer has recommended a variegated thread displaying the warm colours of autumn and giving your work this wonderful finish. This special thread is very well-named "Ecureuil en Pyjama" (Squirrel in Pyjamas). But you can choose to work the pattern as a monochrome picking your own favourite colour.

The model on the picture has been stitched on a 32 count linen fabric (colour "Natural") using two strands of cotton over two threads of fabric.

Recommended Fabric: 32 or 28 count linen fabric colour "Natural" or 16 or 14 count Aida, 45x45 cm (18x18 in).

This product is a complete cross-stitch pack with chart + fabric (32 count Linen colour "Natural") + variegated thread "Squirrel in Pyjamas" + 1 m of organza ribbon + instructions translated in English.

It also exists as a chart only. Click here.

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