Autumnal Cushion Cover Kit

This is a complete kit made by SoCreaStitch from a design by Bois Joli called 'A l'Orée du Bois'.
Available in linen or Aida fabric
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Manufacturer: SoCreaStitch
Description This is a complete kit made by SoCreaStitch from an original pattern by French designer Bois Joli ("A l'Orée du Bois",  At the Edge of the Woods).
Eveything is included in this kit for you to make this pretty cushion cover.

Dimensions of the finished work:
approx. 40 x 40 cm (will cover a 40x40 cm cushion)

Design stitch count:
117 wide x 117 high (approx. 20x20 cm on a 32 count fabric)

What we like about this project:
* the colours: the warm red of the cross-stitch pattern which is highlighted by the rich browns and light greens of the surrounding fabric;
* the original pattern designed by Bois Joli which is both very pretty and easy to stitch (really relaxing!);
* it is a useful item and you can adapt the cover's dimensions to your needs;
* the cover can be easily removed to be washed if needed.

This kit includes:

  • the orignal cross-stitch pattern by Bois Joli; 
  • a 45 x45 cm piece of 32 count natural linen (or 14 count Aida in linen); 
  • 2 pieces of quality cotton fabric to make the cover: lovely printed one with birds and foliage for the front and plain beige one for the back; 
  • threads and needles for the stitching and the applique work (the cover itself can be machine stitched or hand stitched); 
  • detailed instructions in English for the stitching and the mounting, including detailed step-by-step with photographes to make the cushion cover. 
But the cushion itself is not included! The kit's elements can be adapted for a smaller cushion.

This product is a complete kit produced by SoCreaStitch from a Bois Joli cross-stitch design.

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