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Because your stitched works deserve the best finish, we wanted to share with you a few step-by-step finishing instructions guides. As a stitcher myself but not so good at sewing(!), I do appreciate to be able to hand-make a lovely gift or some pieces of decoration, so I find tutorials very useful.

There are many great websites and blogs already offering tutorials so we do not pretend to revolutionize your stitching world here! But we do hope that you will find in these projects some inspirational ideas and a few tips, no matter how skilled you are in sewing, even if a beginner.

Most of these "How to" are written in partnership with Un Petit Bout de Fil. This French designer has been really successful in France since she created her blog in order to share her love of stitching and sewing ("un petit bout de fil" means "a small piece of thread"). Her tips and her work around fabrics and stitched projects have become popular among thousands of stitch-addicts.

We are going to progressively translate in English all the tutorials by Un Petit Bout de Fil. Meanwhile, you can plunge into Un Petit Bout de Fil's world by browsing her blog in French here: http://unpetitboutdefil.maison.com/".

Just let us know which project you would love to see translated first!

How to make a nice pencil case with fabrics, by Un Petit Bout de Fil


How to make a pinkeep with a side pocket, by Un Petit Bout de Fil


How to make a handy pretty bag for pies or dishes, by Un Petit Bout de Fil


How to make a lovely "Hanging Heart", by Un Petit Bout de Fil






How to neatly cover self-cover buttons, by Un Petit Bout de Fil Vignette_Tuto_buttons







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