Hearts Hanger - green

Hanger in wood by Malin Maline
Price: £6.90

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Hanger in painted wood designed by Malin Maline

Dimensions: 22,8 cm wide x 6 cm high
Aperture:  20,5cm

Colour: green

Hangers are an easy and stylish way to make the most of your stitched work, would it be cross-stitch, small quilts or embroidery. You will attach your work to the hanger by using small straps (made of ribbon, braid or fabric) or else by sewing the fabric directly around the hanger's edge.

Lighter than frames, hangers are particularly appropriate to display vertical patterns or works on linen/ aida bands. But you can use them also with square patterns. You may also hang some works slightly larger than the hanger.

Not to be put under water.

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