Vintage Alphabet

"Vintage Alphabet" is counted cross stitch design by Alice & Co
A All the letters from A to Z are included
Price: £18.00

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"Vintage Alphabet" is a counted cross-stitch chart with instructions translated in English.
The charts includes all the letters from A to Z. 

What we like about this design:

  • its vintage, flowery look.
  • it is designed as a monochrome for an easier and quicker work but you can also work it in two or three colours to highlight the flower and the flowery branch;
  • each letter is a piece of work in itself.

Design stitch count:

Each letter is 100 counts high (the width varies depending on the letter).

Letters'  height:

  • 20 cm (7⅞ ins) on a 25 count fabric
  • 18,2 cm (7⅛ ins) on a 28 count fabric or on a 14 count Aida
  • 16,7 cm (6½  ins) on a 32 count fabric
  • 15,9 cm (6¼ ins) on a 16 count Aida
Special stitches:  None, this is a pure cross-stitch design.

Threads and colours

This pattern is a monochrome, you can choose your favourite colour.

The design is stitched using two strands of cotton over two threads of fabric (or one block of aida).

Recommended Fabric: of your choice regarding the type (linen / evenweave / Aida), the stitch count and the colour

This product is a cross-stitch chart including the complete alphabet + instructions translated in English.

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